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Republican Jobs is a leading source for Republican campaigns and organizations seeking to hire/contract qualified professionals in the political field. We are dedicated to helping these campaigns and organizations succeed by identifying and referring top candidates. Our team of placement specialists/recruiters has a wealth of political experience in Republican politics and understands the skills and expertise necessary for success in electoral and related endeavors. During the 2022 election cycle, Republican Jobs successfully placed over 1,400 operatives on various campaigns and political roles. In the past three election cycles prior, our recruiters—drawing on their past roles—placed over 5,000 operatives in winning campaigns, teams, and state legislatures across more than 30 states, including Washington D.C..

Republican Jobs, a private sector company dedicated to its mission, facilitates referrals for roles with political consultants, political organizations, campaigns, non-profits, government agencies, state capitols, and the Hill to ensure the Republican Party is supported by the best staff possible. We are focused on empowering the broader conservative ecosystem by connecting professionals with opportunities across a variety of political and adjacent roles.


Republican Jobs helped me securing a job for the 2022 Midterm Elections. Thanks to Republican Jobs, I was able to work for the NJ GOP for the 2022 Midterm Elections...
Angel B
Richmond, Virginia
Republican Jobs is a top tier organization. They respond to my emails in a timely manner and always help find me work if I need it.
Jeremy H
Shreveport, Louisana
If only our political system was as smooth, sensible, seamless and successful as the Republican Jobs platform. I was looking for a remote phone position to help get out the...
Audrey A
Indiana, Pennsylvania
After months of searching for a Job on LinkedIn and other political job listservs, a friend of mine suggested I submit my resume to Within a day or two I...
Paul B
Royal Oak, Michigan
If you’re a right-leaning person looking for work in politics, you should absolutely get in touch with RepublicanJobs ASAP. There’s no reason not to – they frequently contact me with...
Michael G
Washington, D.C.
This was a great opportunity to network and meet other individuals from across the U.S., while traveling. It is a perfect gig that can lead to employment opportunities.
Roger O
Jourdanton, Texas
I come to the Republican jobs site often to see what is going on. I have, so far, been referred to a few jobs and have accepted two over the...
Tim Y
Dallas, Texas
I feel blessed by the Kentucky deployment to which Dustin led me. Through Republican Jobs I was able to represent a candidate I truly liked and wanted to help put...
Amy L.
Chicago, Illinois
I really appreciate having Republican Jobs as my source for Republican job opportunities. The jobs are listed in one place, and I can select which opportunity I’m interested in. The...
Lisa D
Hampton, Virginia
I applied to a Republican Jobs posting on Indeed and found myself employed and en route to a swing state just four days later. Applying through Republican Jobs has been...
Thomas I
Sacramento, California
I would recommend Republican Jobs. I hope to continue to have their assistance in future positions with the upcoming elections.
Renee G
Wakefield, Kansas
It was a great campaign even though I was there for the last few weeks of it. The crew and company were well organized and easy to talk with. I...
Ruben G
Mission, Texas
Republican Jobs offers the best opportunities in the industry to make real and meaningful impact on current campaigns to further Republican candidates and their values. I love having a direct...
Jessica S
Las Vegas, Nevada
I highly recommend Republican Jobs as a headhunting service. They exceeded my expectations in finding me excellent canvassing work. Their expertise and dedication resulted in a seamless job placement process,...
Jalen M
Columbus, Georgia
Dustin worked diligently to help provide opportunities for finding a good working environment for previous canvassing positions.
Robert H
Las Vegas, Nevada
I loved where I went. I love what I did. Republican jobs is an awesome place to get a job and make an impact in the community
Stephen G
Las Vegas, Nevada
Republican Jobs has helped me in so many ways from financially to finding something I love to do, which is political canvassing. This 3rd party has became something I heavily...
Justina M
Las Vegas, Nevada
Republican jobs is the best resource to be connected for opportunities all over the country! They do a great job and I highly recommend!
Nicholas G
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
The absolute BEST platform for finding quality job opportunities! They have connected me with some amazing Republican organizations and companies that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about, and I’m forever...
Ady G
Washington, D.C.
I love working with Republican Jobs because they let you choose the campaign you want to work.
Robin M
Longview, Texas
Having this job gave me a purpose in life to help communities and gave me opportunities to grow and to learn. Because of Republican Jobs I become part of the...
Vanessa L
Racine, Wisconsin
I appreciate the opportunity I received from Republican Jobs to further my political experience. I enjoyed having the opportunity to communicate with voters and I will carry these skills I...
Kiana C
Dallas, Texas
Republican Jobs does an excellent job of helping young Republicans get work all over the country. I appreciate all the help they’ve given me in the past and look forward...
Alex C
Sunrise, Florida
Republican Jobs effortlessly connected me with an outstanding job that offers excellent pay. Their commitment to maintaining my resume on file for future opportunities streamlines the application process. I want...
Brookelynne G
Gillette, Wyoming
This is the only job site that I could find that actively seeks people out and contacts them with available postions. Everyone I contacted through this site was very quick...
Kylie H
Austin, Texas
I am very thankful for the opportunity and am looking forward to what the future brings. This was the first time I has used the site for job placement and...
Matthew R
Spring Hill, Florida
Great Company /Team to work with !
Stephanie R
Austin, Texas
Great experience to canvass for a Republican campaign. Looking forward to the 2024 cycle.
Paul N
Las Vegas, Nevada
I enjoyed working for Republican jobs. I meet some of the canvassers for a sign waving, and I was impressed. The people that are interested in working for Republican jobs...
Anna R
Boca Raton, Florida
Happy to be a part of your network
Donna Z
Anthens, Texas
Republican Jobs is the best referral service for those interested in a political career. They made it easy to build a network of like-minded individuals who will support each other...
David B
Dallas, Texas
I went from testing the waters in the job market to landing my favorite job that I’ve ever had thanks to Republican Jobs. Dustin was incredibly helpful in pairing my...
William D
Lexington, Kentucky
I had a great time working the 2022 election cycle. Getting out and hearing from people from all walks of life helped me understand my community better. It was a...
Cody B
Las Vegas, Nevada
Process was quick and precise. Helped with getting out the vote in multiple battleground states.
Michael J
Hutchins, Texas
Highly recommend taking advantage of Republican Jobs vast network!
Ben C
Washington, D.C.
I would love to work this campaign and get accurate data. I know there’s only 3 weeks left but I would love to push it!
Nicholas V
Reno, Nevada
Republican Jobs helped me get a great campaign job with Better Nevada and In Field Strategies. I enjoy canvassing in support of great candidates like Sheriff Joe Lombardo (for Governor...
Jessica S
Reno, Nevada
It feels good knowing that I’m doing my part in helping voters to their part. May God bless America!
Jairo Y
Lehigh Acres, Florida
I would recommend this job. It’s a good job. Decent pay. You will meet both good and nasty people, but my supervisor was awesome. I’d work for her again.
Jeremy B
Melborne, Florida
Dustin did a great job helping me find a job. Gave me multiple options and helped me land a job I LOVE. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am...
Owen C
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Republican Jobs has been great to work with. They had me placed in an awesome campaign role within 2 weeks of submitting my resume!
David G
Chicago, Illinois
Dustin was instrumental in my career change. I worked one campaign while I completed my graduate degree to become a Social Worker II. The following year, I became a Social...
Toni C
San Diego, California
Republican Jobs is great, always coming up with the great jobs.
LaCourtney G
Houston, Texas
The professionals at Republican Jobs do their best to place you as quickly as possible. I’ve worked many amazing opportunities through Republican Jobs.
Shelley H
Houston, Texas
I can’t thank you guys enough for giving me work when I really needed it most. Thanks so much for everything!
Joseph L
New York City, New York
This website really helped me find a job that best fit for what I wanted to do coming out of college. Dustin Tropp gave me a bunch of advice when...
Noah A
Riverside, California

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