Republican Jobs Philosophy: You Don’t Build an Army the Day You Need It

February 13, 2024

Republican Jobs Philosophy: You Don’t Build an Army the Day You Need It


Republican Jobs Philosophy: “You Don’t Build an Army the Day You Need It”


At Republican Jobs, we live by a simple rule: “you don’t build an army the day you need it.” This principle is at the heart of everything we do. It’s about being prepared well in advance, whether for volunteer efforts, hiring a digital team, or any other political endeavor. If you wait until the last minute to start, you’re already too late. 

My pre-Republican Jobs era was marked by deep involvement in political talent recruitment. My hobby was significantly growing the Young Republicans in Austin to 120 volunteers and 2000 hours of campaign volunteer work in 2020. This early and proactive team-building, honed across the country and with Young Republican chapters nationally, informed our company’s philosophy. By starting our recruitment efforts well in advance, we managed to outpace more funded campaigns.

That very proactive approach inspired the founding of Republican Jobs, which has placed over 2000 operatives in 2 years. The 2022 election cycle underscored the importance of having your team ready. Political firms often scramble to fill positions at the last minute, a challenging way to kick off any campaign. Especially after COVID where campaigns started late, and you needed twice the amount of staff in half the time. During a talent crisis in a post-covid world, this was the last thing campaigns needed to deal with. In our most extreme case: when called upon for run-offs requiring hundreds of staff within days, Republican Jobs delivered, placing over 200 organizers in just 72 hours.

Republican Jobs never starts the recruitment process at zero. Most calls with clients start with ‘I know a guy’. We’re constantly interviewing and preparing, ensuring that when a job opens up, we can fill it quickly for all sectors of the industry: Government, Consulting, Campaign, Non-Profit, and everything from Press, Digital, Communications, Grassroots, Data, Design, and more. Most of our client calls usually involve the phrase ‘we know the perfect person’, not ‘we’ll start looking for them’. When a top agency or campaign calls us for press secretaries, campaign managers, you name it – we place them swiftly because we have a ready pool of talent. Not a week goes by without us placing someone in a role that requires a 48-hour turnaround. 

Here is the key: being able to recruit quickly is excellent, but having a list of ready-to-go, vetted talent is where you truly win. If you’re not prepared, you’re already falling behind. That’s where Republican Jobs steps in – we do both, and affordably for our clients.

If you don’t have the talent lined up, the networks ready, and the contacts to call, recruitment can consume precious time that consultants simply don’t have.

“You don’t build an army the day you need it” is more than just a saying; it’s our operational mantra. It’s about being ready before the battle begins, and it’s how we ensure our clients succeed.

Whether you’re looking for talent over two months or two days, if you’re finding yourself behind, Republican Jobs is ready to help your organization find its talent. 

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