Field Organizer Job in USA Politics

April 18, 2023

Field organizers play a crucial role in political campaigns in the United States. These jobs require a broad range of skills and experience, and can be found in a variety of organizations across the country. As an American field organizer, you would be responsible for leading volunteer recruitment, organizing events, managing data, and working with community organizers to mobilize supporters.

One important aspect of the job is outreach and canvassing, which involves going door-to-door to talk to people about the campaign and advocate for their rights. This can be especially important for marginalized communities, such as those with disabilities or who come from different national origins or sexual orientations. As a field organizer, you must be able to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and be sensitive to their needs.

In addition to communication skills, field organizers need to be skilled in data science and software, as they are responsible for managing large amounts of data about supporters and volunteers. They also need to be proficient in recruitment and advocacy, as well as in grassroots organizing and education. Having experience in these areas is highly valued in the field.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation is an example of an organization that seeks to hire field organizers. Their work includes advocating for first amendment rights, affirmative action, and civil liberties, as well as providing support for those with service-connected disabilities. Other political campaigns, such as those led by candidates like Jahana Hayes, may focus on issues like LGBT rights or outreach to local parties.

Field organizer job openings are typically advertised online or through local parties, and may require a cover letter and information about candidate info years, active duty status, or in-state tuition. The salary for field organizers varies depending on the organization and location, but usually includes workforce months and air service benefits.

Overall, the role of a field organizer is an important one in political campaigning, and requires a combination of hard skills like data management and recruitment, as well as soft skills like communication and leadership development. Successful field organizers must be able to work with a broad range of people and organizations to achieve their goals, and be dedicated to mobilizing grassroots support for their cause.

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